delta ebro d

Live a World of sensations

Masdenverge, a small town south of Catalonia, in a unique location surrounded by sea and low mountains. An ideal place to enjoy, a step of the whole nature of the mountains, the trails and the paths in the Natural Park of Els Ports, the river Ebro and it flows into the Delta, offers many possibilities for a few days of activities and disengagement.

Natural Park of Delta de l’Ebre

This park with 320 km 2 of surface is the most important aquatic habitat of western Mediterranean. Delta is important for 8 species of plants and 69 of vertebrate fauna , most birds. The delta brings together 325  of the 600  existing species in Europe, which position it as one of the most important bird observatories.

The completely flat land, the extensive rice fields, changing according to the seasons, and the diversity of natural environments, make this area a place of great beauty and a paradise for nature lovers.

The Coast

Along the coast, the green way to the wetland del Sol-the-river under protection by the flora and fauna it is worth a visit.

Routes from Alcanar by the Terres de l’Ebre and the Mastership: Parc Natural del Delta de l’Ebre, Parc Natural dels Ports, Ulldecona cave and castle paintings, monumental Tortosa, the TresCes Route, Wine Route, Route Picasso among caves, Route de la Miel…

Sierra Montsià

The hosts saw Montsià , well preserved, typical Mediterranean ecosystem in a protected area near the sea . The topography of limestone features a unique rugged and rocky landscape gives one of its main attractions is an excellent vantage point from which to contemplate the Ebro Delta , the Mediterranean coast, the Hoya Ulldecona the Sierra de Goodall , the solid Ports and inland plains.

The Montsià saw is ideal for hiking through the easily accessible place . The establishment of several interpretive areas, are known natural and cultural values ​​of the area. Several signaling routes enable the practice of active hiking, and, in turn, you  can enjoy the surroundings. There are many ancient trails that have been recovered for hikers : the Cogula la Cuesta , Cuesta Turret , a branch of the Camino de Santiago, among others, are of great beauty.

Sierra dels Ports

The Serra dels Ports are the mountains located between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon. They are a limestone massif of steep and rugged terrain. The characteristic position of the Ports massif between the mountains in the Iberian and Catalan Mediterranean system has allowed the development of a flora and a rich and diverse vegetation, Mediterranean species coexist with other types of Eurosiberian.