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Our environment

Experience a world of sensations

Masdenverge, a small town located in the south of Catalonia, in a unique enclave surrounded by sea and low mountains. An ideal place to enjoy, all the way, the nature, the mountains, the paths, the routes, the Natural Park of the Ports, the river Ebro, its mouth at the Ebro Delta, offer multiple possibilities for spend a few days of activity and disconnection

Our environment

Delta del Ebro Natural Park

This natural park with 320 km2 of surface, constitutes the most important aquatic habitat of the western Mediterranean. The delta is important for 8 species of plants, and 69 of vertebrate fauna, most birds. In the Delta there are almost 325 species of birds from 600 existing in Europe. He who positions him as one of the most important bird observatories in Europe.

The completely flat land, the extensive rice fields, changing according to the seasons, and the diversity of natural environments, make this area a space of great beauty and a paradise for lovers of nature.

Our environment

The coast

On the coast, the greenway to the marshy area of Sol de Riu, an area protected by the flora and fauna that houses it, is worth visiting. Routes from Alcanar through the Terres de l'Ebre and the Maestrat: Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, Natural Park of the Ports, cave paintings, Ulldecona Castle, Millennium Olives, monumental Tortosa, route of the TresCes (cellars, caves, castles), wine, Picasso between caves, honey ...

Our environment

Serra del Montsià

The Montsià sierra houses typically Mediterranean ecosystems, sells preserved, in a protected area near the sea. Its limestone rock relief forms an abrupt and rocky landscape that gives it one of its main attractions: it is an excellent viewpoint from which to contemplate the Delta del Ebro, the Mediterranean coast, the cloth of Ulldecona, the Serra de Godall, the Ports massif or the inner plains

The Montsià mountain range is an ideal place to take walks thanks to its easy accessibility. The creation of different interpretative areas, where you know the natural and cultural values ​​of the area. The signposting of different routes makes it possible to practice an active trekking that, in turn, allows to enjoy the environment. We overwhelm a large number of ancient roads that have been recovered by hikers, Costa de la Cogulla, La de la Torreta, a branch of the Camí de Sant Jaume, among others, are very beautiful.

Our environment

Serra dels Ports

The Serra dels Ports, are the mountains located between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon. They are a limestone limestone with steep and steep relief. The characteristic position of the Ports massif between the mountains of the Iberian system and the Catalan Mediterranean system has allowed the development of a rich and diverse flora and vegetation, where typically Mediterranean species with other Euro-Siberian types coexist.

Activities to be performed

Mountain activities

  • Canyoning-canyoning descent
  • Quads routes in the Ebro Delta National Park
  • Excursions on 4x4 off-road vehicle
  • Observation of water birds, fauna and flora
  • Archery, tourism cycle in the Delta del Ebro National Park
  • Multi-adventure raid (archery + climbing + quads)
  • Hiking
  • Initiation to climbing + rappel
  • Via ferrata - caving (in caves)
  • Photo safari
  • Bike Via Verda
  • Naturalistic itinerary
  • Farm school
  • Tyrolines
  • Multi-adventure
Activities to be performed

River and sea activities

  • Sailing - windsurfing
  • Sport fishing
  • Aquatic games
  • Vela lleugera
  • Boats of perch
  • Canoeing - kayaking in calm waters (initiation)
Activities to be performed

Activitats culturals

  • Castells Route
  • Route of Honey
  • Oil Route
  • Route of Peace - The spaces of the battle of the Ebro